In the last couple of weeks, we’ve talked a lot about Marufukuro, the former Nintendo HQ building that has been turned into a hotel. That hotel is now open to the public, which means we can get an extra detailed look at the setup inside

While we’ve already shared tons of pictures and info on the hotel, the above video does the best job yet of showcasing just what Marufukuro is like behind closed doors. Obviously a lot has changed in the building since Nintendo has been there, but the hotel is very keen on paying tribute to those Nintendo roots.

Give the video a watch and enjoy what’s sure to become a major tourist attraction for Nintendo fans worldwide.

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2+ y ago

Wow! That was so detailed and professionally done! Great job Cathy Cat. I found out that she does other reviews of various things on her channel and even has a Twitch! I look forward to more articles like this one and videos from Cathy Cat.