Dead by Daylight is expanding once more, this time with something from the deep, dark depths. Sadako, a deadly temper, is back from her watery grave for revenge, and she’ll stop at nothing to make sure everyone feels her pain. She’s part of Dead by Daylight’s latest Chapter, Sadako Rising, which is inspired by Kōji Suzuki’s novel RINGU and the original film adaptation. For full details on this content expansion, read the full press release below.

Deluge of Fear: With Great Fury Comes Great Power

Sadako’s gameplay provides Killer mains a totally new approach to sacrificing their victims, and forces Survivors to completely rethink the way they escape their assailant. The new Killer begins each trial undetectable and invisible. When near a Survivor her presence is intermittently revealed. To attack, Sadako can manifest at will or take material form by projecting through one of the many TVs throughout the map. Upon doing so, Sadako teleports to the TV’s location and emerges, increasing the Condemned progress of any nearby Survivor. When a Survivor reaches a full Condemned meter, they can be instantly killed when downed.

“New Killers joining the Fog must be fun to play, and fun to play against. In that sense, I think we really went above and beyond with Sadako Rising. Whether playing as Sadako or as Yoichi, fans will have to beware of new tactics and new techniques that will change the way they attack or escape”, shares Dave Richard, Creative Director, Dead by Daylight.

“At last, the day has come for us to send Sadako to the Fog! She’s a tragic horror queen and Yoichi is now an adult and a Survivor. The Dead by Daylight team has done a great job of continuing Yoichi’s story, and I feel that the years that have passed since their original creation were meant to bring us to this day. The seven-day setting, Sadako’s iconic TV, and the VHS integration fit together in a way that only Dead by Daylight could make happen. This collaboration is by no doubt a new beginning for the RINGU/Sadako series too. I’m sure that the whole world will tremble again at the sight of the newly announced Ultra Rare Outfit for Sadako. I really hope that fans will all survive. My deepest gratitude goes to the whole Dead by Daylight team for this collaboration!” shared Reiko Imayasu, Producer, KADOKAWA.

The Sadako Rising Collection

Along with the new Chapter comes the Sadako Rising Collection, a series of new cosmetics that players can get their hands on via the in-game store. Available for 1,485 Auric Cells, the Rotten Remains Ultra Rare Outfit for Sadako presents the Killer in an advanced stage of decay as she digs her nails into the muddy ground inside the well and slowly crawls toward the cobbled wall. Yoichi’s Research Trip Very Rare Outfit can be purchased for 1,080 Auric Cells and features sports shorts, a yellow beanie and a windbreaker, that he wore when he sailed the high seas off the coast of Southern Japan in search of answers.

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