To celebrate the Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla, which takes place on Saturday 6 May 2023, publisher NACON through Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator has provided alternative recipes to that of the “Coronation Quiche” for those who aren’t a fan of the ingredients.

Check out the video showcasing the Crispy Bacon and Melted Cheese Quiche recipe. Bon appétit! If you prefer a vegetarian quiche option, here’s a Zucchini and Goat Cheese Quiche recipe:


Players put on their apron and immerse themselves in the life of a restaurant owner with all the realism that the LIFE range seeks to offer. From selecting ingredients to choosing suppliers, managing the brigade and decorating the kitchen, the game offers a management and simulation experience that meets the expectations of budding cooks.

As in the real world, players must prepare for the arrival of an anonymous inspector who may select them for inclusion in the famous MICHELIN Guide. In order to faithfully reflect the eminence of the MICHELIN Guide awards, Chef Life also offers restaurants that are honored with the award the opportunity to receive an official outfit and plaque associated with the award in-game.

In order to create a restaurant that resembles them, restaurant owners have a great deal of freedom to make decisions for their establishment. The decoration of the dining room, the layout of the dishes, the choices made allow their cuisine to reflect their personality!

Finally, whether their goal is to achieve culinary excellence or to be the family restaurant that brings their neighborhood to life, Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator fulfills all the aspirations of gourmets!

The varied and iconic recipes challenge players to test their mastery of French and Italian gastronomy. Improving their simple recipes to make them gastronomic dishes, adapting their menu to the seasons and to the expectations of their customers allow the players to reach their goals.


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