Switch gets "Words With Freds," a shameless Wordle clone

What's a 5-letter word for someone who steals?

08 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 4

The Wordle trend hit the nation a few months back, and grew so big that the NY Times swooped in and purchased the game outright. Of course, whenever you get something that becomes a huge hit, plenty of imposters come along to try and feed off the original’s success. Case in point, Words With Freds, a title that just hit the Switch eShop.

Words With Freds, which not only copies Wordle’s gameplay, but mimics Words With Friends’ name, is obviously looking to cash in on some of that sweet, sweet Wordle fame. Even the game’s description doesn’t hide the fact that this is Wordle with a different skin.

Words With Freds is a simple word game where you must guess the randomly picked word within six tries. Every wrong guess will give you hints that will guide you to the answer!

Words With Freds is on the Switch eShop right now, and is priced at $1.

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2+ y ago

Oh god I didn't realize it would come to this. My mom is so damn addicted to it now...


2+ y ago

I listened to an interview with the creator on the Syntax Web Development podcast. He mentioned that one of the reasons for selling to New York Times was because of all these people stealing his idea and making money off of it, which didn't sit right with him.


2+ y ago

I own the game Kuso by the same developer, so I think that was why this game showed up as free for me in the eShop.

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2+ y ago

Better it came from a decent dev, who is giving it away free to owners of any of his other titles, and selling it for $1 instead of much more to those that don't. Someone was going to do it, so this is the best case scenario probably. But also I don't see NYT porting Worlde to Switch. Kinda harsh with your subject line and take imo