You know you’ve got one of the biggest games of the year when the competition is just as excited about its arrival!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finally available on Switch, bringing an end to the 6+ years of waiting. Nintendo fans are absolutely ecstatic about the game’s arrival, and it appears both Sony and Microsoft are as well.

The official Twitter accounts for both PlayStation and Xbox have tweeted out nods to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launching, with Microsoft taking a very direct approach with a congratulations and a tag, and Sony being a bit more discrete. You can see the tweets from both companies below.

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1y ago

Love to see the "competitors" celebrating what is obviously a huge day for the gaming industry. This makes Tears of the Kingdom's launch feel even bigger!


1y ago

Oh how they'd love to have Zelda on their systems... =D

Nice move BTW! =)


1y ago

I'd believe it's genuine from Microsoft.

But it's just lip-service from Sony.


1y ago


How so?

Neither owe Nintendo anything or had anything to gain from this acknowledgement. Nintendo live in their own little bubble, how often would they do something like this?

If anything I would say it's the opposite. With MS more of a "hey don't forget about us, back here in a distant 3rd place!"

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