A new update for Bramble: The Mountain King is now live on Switch, you can read the full patch notes below.

Patch Notes:

-Increased performance in Skogsrå level

-Increased performance in Tuva

-Small performance increase across entire game

-Reduced pop-in throughout entire game

-Fixed frame drop during Skogsrå bossfight

-Fixed some textures not loading in correctly

-Fixed an issue where the game sometimes would not save, and upon resuming the game after closing it down the player’s progress would only be in Nearby Forest

-Fixed an issue where the main menu would receive input while fading in, and the “New Game” button would be auto-focused. This would make players accidentally press the “New Game” button while the menu is fading in. Now, the menu should not be intractable during the fade-in, and the “Continue” button should be auto-focused instead if the player has a save file with progress

-Improved the visibility of the hidden planks in the swamp by increasing the emissivity of the material

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