Quirky N64 Game Glover Coming to Steam

Glove is in the air

08 March 2022
by quence 4

Glover from Interactive Studios was originally released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64, alongside PC and Playstation versions. This platforming game saw you overcoming challenges as a living glove, able to transform and use a variety of powers. The Steam version is a faithful port of the original game, but it has been completely redone using the original N64 source code, with Steam achievements and trading cards in the works.

While not a huge hit at the time, the game has since garnered something of a cult following. Maybe the Steam release will drum up enough excitement for a sequel! This also means it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see Glover on the Nintendo Switch Online service any time soon.

Glover releases on Steam April 20th, 2022.


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Comments (4)


2+ y ago

Highly underrated game, very clever platforming, and a great ost.


2+ y ago

Well that's just glovely.

I remember being fascinated with this game as a kid, but I never did end up playing it. Nows as good a time as any I suppose!


2+ y ago

I'll be surprised if this game doesn't hit the Switch eShop this year. Also seems like an opportunity for Limited Run Games to sell a physical copy in an N64 style box like other N64 releases on the Switch!


2+ y ago

Why is it unlikely that it won't be on the N64 app? The devs and publishers can make more money on the license than what they could make on Steam and Nintendo won't even do a 30% cut