Some new gameplay footage for CRYMACHINA has been shared, giving us another look at the game in action. You can check out that fresh footage in the video above.

Along with that, another round of details in general on the game have been shared. You can find that breakdown in the bullet points below.

  • CRYMACHINA is set in a post-apocalyptic future in a place called “Eden”
  • machines known as “Jinki” continue to operate in order to revive humankind
  • each area has its own characteristics, with those vary depending on the Jinki in charge
  • if you use “Perfect dodge” right before an enemy attacks, a special power will be activated
  • you can also counter attacks in order to get the upper hand
  • you can find various bits of Personality Data while exploring Eden
  • you can analyze Personality Data to find weapons and Episodes related to that personality

Finally, another quick clip was released showcasing the Samoyed Costume DLC, which is available as pre-order bonus in Japan. No similar offer has been revealed for North America or Europe.


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