TAISHO x ALICE all in one, an otome visual novel collection, is now available in North America and Europe via the Switch eShop. If you’re planning on picking the game up, here’s a warning for you. You’ll have to buy some DLC just to play the game in English.

The base release of TAISHO x ALICE all in one does not include English text support. In an odd decision, PROTOTYPE has released the English text option as paid DLC. If you think that’s a bit sleezy, things get even worse.

Buying TAISHO x ALICE all in one will cost you $54, but if you buy the TAISHO x ALICE all in one English DLC bundle, it’s priced at $55. Just $1 more for the English text isn’t so bad, but it’s still bothersome. Things get worse if you accidentally bought TAISHO x ALICE all in one without knowing it doesn’t have English text. If that happened to you, you’ll have to spend $5 to get the English text DLC.

This whole situation is a really strange one. I can’t quite understand why a localized release is being handled this way, and there’s sure to be pushback. Just please be careful and make sure you buy the appropriate bundle at launch to save yourself some cash.

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2+ y ago

Nintendo should pull the game from the eShop. That's not on, "sleazy" really is the word for it. I can't think of another game where this has happened.


2+ y ago

Pfff. Japanese is supposedly only the third most difficult language in the world. Just go get a dictionary, watch some anime and learn it, you lazy bastards!