It’s pretty wild to think that we’re almost halfway through the year already. From welcoming a bunch of familiar faces to the Valley and exploring The Lion King Realm, to celebrating Disney’s 100th Anniversary and our collective passion for Disney Parks, there’s already been a lot to love in Disney Dreamlight Valley this year. The devs really appreciate you joining them on this Early Access journey and can’t overstate the role the community has played in helping to shape where things are now.

Well, that was only the first half of the year and there’s a whole lot of 2023 left… Want your first peek at what’s coming just over the horizon? Today, Gameloft is excited to share an updated roadmap of the content you can expect to arrive in the Valley over the next couple months.

Picking up after the release of The Remembering update in early June, there are two more updates to give you a sneak peek at, as well as your first hints at what the next chapter of Disney Dreamlight Valley will hold, coming later this year.

To all of you who guessed that Vanellope von Schweetz was Valley-bound, you deserve a treat. Zooming ahead to our September update, she will be followed by the much-anticipated arrival of Belle, alongside a new realm to explore and immerse yourself in. Of course, there are other surprises to look forward to!

As you’ve likely come to expect from our updates, these new characters will be accompanied by a wealth of new content, features and improvements. Gameloft is particularly excited about a certain brand-new feature that will come as part of our summer update. You’ve all gone to great lengths to share your creativity with us in the game, so the devs want to reward you for it! Look out for more on that very soon!

Of course, there are also Star Paths! Since launch, you’ve shared your most-wanted themes with Gameloft, and they think these are going to make a whole lot of you very happy. Not only will the devs be diving into The Wonder of Pixar to shine a spotlight on even more beloved Pixar films, but this Halloween season will provide ample opportunities to get in the holiday spirit and bring some darkness to the Valley.

Looking ahead to late 2023, as the mystery of The Forgetting and The Forgotten comes full circle in The Remembering, a new chapter will begin for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gameloft isn’t sharing many details quite yet so you’ll have to speculate. Suffice to say, they have BIG plans for the game through the end of the year, into 2024, and beyond! Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months, as Gameloft continues to share more sneak peeks. There’s never been a better time to explore the Valley and Gameloft can’t wait to hear what you think about everything that lies on the horizon!

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