You might remember a tidbit we shared about Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE awhile back concerning how long the game has been in development. According to the dev team, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE has taken 6 years of work to bring to life. Now we know half of that time went to just one feature in the game.

You’ll spend a lot of time in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE in the Mystery Labyrinth, which changes its design based on the case being investigated. If the culprit misleads and sets traps to prevent a case being solved, these elements will also be reflected in the Labyrinth, making it even more complex.

In a recent Famitsu interview with Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE writer Kazutaka Kodaka, we learn that the Mystery Labyrinth was an incredible challenge for the team to put together, taking them the better part of 3 years to figure things out.

Truthfully, creating the Mystery Labyrinths was very complicated. I think out of the six years of development, at least three were necessary to perfect them… (laughs)

Even when I explained the Mystery Labyrinths in words, it was difficult for the development staff to understand. The Mystery Labyrinths are places where the mysteriers of the cases are materialized, but all I got were questions such as “What do you mean by that?” and it was a bit hard to conceptualize it into reality.

[writer Kazutaka Kodaka]

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