Did You Know Gaming has another new video exploring a lesser known aspect of video game history. This time around they’re covering a handful of lost Pokémon games that were only available online briefly and are nearly impossible to play today.

The games in question are:

  • Pokémon Garden, an interactive Pokémon museum where players could gather together online for tours, trivia, and mini-games
  • Pokémon Maze Land, featuring Pokémon shaped mazes
  • Pokémon Sky Tower, a trivia competition game
  • Pokémon Dream World, an Animal Crossing style game where players could have their own homes and grow berries

Because these games required an active online Internet connection and were only live for a short period of time, they’re in danger of being lost to video game history. Watch the full video above for more info, and to find out how gaming archivists are trying to tackle the issue.

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