If you haven’t heard, Kudzu is a new indie game on Kickstarter being developed for the original Game Boy, inspired by other Game Boy classics like Pokémon and the Legend of Zelda.

Recently, the game hit a major funding milestone which adds a fishing minigame to the final release and the developers reached out to us to share the news with you!

You can read up on everything you need to know about Kudzu down below…

Kudzu: A Plant-Fueled Adventure Reaches Funding Milestone and Unlocks Fishing Mini Game

[Pittsburgh, PA] May 30th, 2023 — In a remarkable display of support and enthusiasm from the gaming community, Kudzu, the highly anticipated non-linear adventure game developed by Pie For Breakfast and published by Mega Cat Studios, has surpassed its initial funding goal in just over 12 hours on Kickstarter. Not stopping there, the campaign continued to thrive, raising over $22,000 within the first five days, unlocking the first stretch goal: a thrilling Fishing Mini Game.

Kudzu tells the captivating tale of Max, the apprentice gardener, embarking on a courageous mission to rescue his mentor, Zoen, from the clutches of a world-eating plant. Players will find themselves entangled in a web of danger as they navigate through a kudzu field teeming with perilous creatures, including venomous snakes, pesky bugs, hostile flowers, and an array of other hazards.

With a myriad of captivating features, Kudzu promises to deliver an immersive experience like no other:

Explore Diverse Environments: Traverse ruined fields, enchanting gardens, mysterious forests, lavish villas, and much more, each brimming with secrets and surprises.

Master Gardening Tools: Wield a variety of gardening tools, such as the machete, hoe, and rake, to clear your path and overcome obstacles blocking your way.

Uncover a Cast of Eccentric Characters: Encounter a host of weird and helpful characters on your journey, each with their own unique stories and contributions to your quest.

Confront Monstrous Foes: Engage in intense battles against twisted creatures lurking within the kudzu, including snakes, giant bugs, living plants, and other horrifying monstrosities.

Harness the Power of Kudzu: Learn to manage the kudzu itself, utilizing its unique properties to solve treacherous puzzles and embark on engaging side quests.

Epic Boss Battles: Prepare yourself for challenging encounters with eight epic bosses, each guarding their own part of the kudzu maze.

Unravel the Kudzu’s Secrets: Delve into the depths of the kudzu maze to uncover the true origins of this enigmatic plant. Is it merely an invasive species run amok, or is something far more sinister at play?

The overwhelming support from the Kickstarter community has shown that gamers are hungry for the unique blend of adventure, strategy, and botanical mysteries that Kudzu offers. The successful unlocking of the Fishing Mini Game stretch goal is just the beginning of the lush and expansive world awaiting players.

“We’re ecstatic to see such an incredible response to Kudzu on Kickstarter,” says Mina Figueroa, Marketing Lead at Mega Cat Studios. “The funds raised will allow us to enhance the game further, and the Fishing Mini Game is just a taste of the exciting content we have in store for our players. We aim to add more content and with a little luck, bring the game to Nintendo Switch and release the game in color! We’re incredibly grateful to our backers for their trust and support as we continue to bring Kudzu to life.”

With the campaign in full swing, the developers invite gaming enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike to join the journey. Kudzu promises to transport players to a world where danger lurks beneath every leaf and mysteries thrive amidst the tendrils of a voracious plant.

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If this has intrigued you on the game you can check out Kudzu’s Kickstarter page at the link below, there are two stretch goals that have yet to be met including a Nintendo Switch version at $45,000 and a color version at $65,000!

We’ll also include a link to a competition you can enter to win a free prototype of the game!

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