Deck-building RPG SOULVARS hits Switch on June 27th

The acclaimed RPG is finally leaving mobile

08 June 2023
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Deck-building RPG SOULVARS is hitting Switch on June 27th, developer ginolabo and publisher Shueisha Games have announced. You can check out the short trailer above to see the game in action.

Set in a dark and futuristic world, SOULVARS is a full-fledged deck-building RPG that tells the tale of Yakumo, a “soul bearer” with the power to turn Souls into data. Featuring dynamic, snappy pixel-art animation, a hard-boiled story, and, most importantly, deep deck-building and strategic battles, SOULVARS took the Japanese mobile market by storm when it released last year.

In just a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to get it for yourself via the Nintendo Switch eShop for $16.99 USD. You can pre-order and pre-load it for a 20% discount right now. It’s worth noting that the eShop lists its release date as June 26th, and the sale ends at 12:59 PM ET on the 26th, so that might be the exact launch time.

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