There’s going to be more to Rocket League than meets the eye because Transformers content will be available in the game beginning tomorrow!

The heroic Autobot Bumblebee will be available in the Item Shop as the Bumblebee Car (with Bumblebee Wheels and Engine Audio) for 1600 Credits. In a Rocket League first, the Bumblebee Car will feature four converting celebration animations for winners during the Post-Game Spotlight screen, including a chance at a special animation for the match MVP.

The Transformers Bundle will also be available for 2500 Credits and includes the Bumblebee Car, Bumblebee Engine Audio, Bumblebee Wheels, Optimus Prime Goal Explosion (also available separately for 800 Credits), Blueprint Bumblebee Player Banner, and two Transformers-themed Player Titles. In addition, the iconic 1984 “Transformers Theme” will be available as a Player Anthem for 300 Credits.

Transformers content will be available from June 14th until June 27th, 2023.


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