Gaming’s most iconic adventurer, Lara Croft, has uncovered the strangest tomb of all: the Blunderdome. But instead of gathering relics, the action archeologist is bringing some loot. Lara is the star of Fall Guys Fame Pass 2, bringing a Costume and a Wearable from Croft Manor’s enormous wardrobes.

The Lara Croft Costume is a refined look from Lara’s greatest adventures: tank top, cargo pants, and boots. While the Classic Croft Wearable is a reflection of Lara’s past, with tinted round sunglasses and long braid of hair that never once got tangled in some elaborate, ancient mechanism.

There are additional artifacts to collect that befit Lara’s position.

  • Heir to Croft Manor Nickname
  • Making a Mark Nameplate
  • Close Call Celebration
  • Swiftlet Emote

With the new Fame Pass, which replaces the season pass, your playtime is rewarded with proportionately more Costumes, Colours, Patterns and Emotes than ever before. Fame Pass 2 comes with five Costumes alongside Lara’s, and a hoard of rewards that are worth cracking open a dusty door for.

  • Fuzzy Fox Costume
  • Bearger Costume
  • Fully Poseable Costume
  • Power Player Costume
  • Sir Cheesealot Costume

For any avid beans out there, there are more bonus Costumes that you can unlock after you complete the main levels of the Fame Pass! And there will still be a free progression path too.

All cosmetics in Season 4’s Fame Pass 2, including the Lara Croft Costume, will be available to unlock from 10AM GMT 13th June to 10AM GMT 18th July, 2023.

Pro-tip: If you own any dino Costumes and see someone in a Lara Croft Costume in the Blunderdome, just run in the opposite direction… We’ll see you in the Blunderdome!

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