A new wave of information has been released for Neptunia GameMaker R:Evolution. This wave of details sheds some light on the exploration system, battle system, Rival Maker characters and more. You can see a breakdown of all this information below.

  • you will be able to explore around the map in parties of four on bikes
  • you can use the bikes to race other characters
  • bikes will be customizable
  • in dungeons, you’ll fight against enemies using a party of four characters
  • the battle system focuses on combination attacks
  • the more combos you chain together, the more damage you’ll deal
  • the Link Chain mechanic has you time a character switch while a party member is attacking
  • a successful Link Chain nets the swapped-in character a follow-up hit, which will start a chain
  • chains can provide bonuses such as increased damage
  • Link Chains can raise your Link Level, which you can then use to unleash an ultimate attack

Rival Maker characters

B-Sha (VA: Ayana Taketatsu) – She is one of the Gold Third. She is a young girl with a bright and innocent personality, and she loves things like heroes, toys, and robots. As Presto Mask, she works as a mysterious hero who fights evil. However, everyone knows who she is.

C-Sha (VA: Haruka Tomatsu) – She is one of the Gold Third and is the leader of the group. She is a reliable and sensible older sister type who seeks battle against strong opponents. She accepts quests as a hunter and hunts down monsters in Gamindustri.

F-Sha (VA: Mana Nakatomi) – A taciturn, expressionless, and mysterious existence who has traveled through all areas of Gamindustri. She’s looking for a mysterious “curse” and she views Failed Goddess as her enemy.

K-Sha (VA: Rina Hidaka) – She is one of the Gold Third. Normally, she has a very unassertive and bookish personality, and she speaks in a quiet tone of voice. She works as an intelligence officer to prevent game trafficking and piracy. The moment she has a gun in her hands, she becomes a cold warrior.

S-Sha (VA: Maaya Uchida) – She is one of the Gold Third. Though she gives off a cool and elegant impression, she actually just as chuunibyou. Her catchphrase is saying “I’m not interested” to things she’s not interested in. She almost died in the past while working on a movie, and the Failed Goddess saved her. As a result of that incident, she treats the Failed Goddess in an unfriendly manner.

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