Just last week, developer qureate announced Sentimental Death Loop, a “desperate time-travel adventure” in which you’re trapped in an endless loop of being murdered by your best friend. The debut trailer for Sentimental Death Loop has just been shared, and you can give it a watch above.

Just as you begin to settle in for a fun day at your best friend’s house, something changes in her and she kills you. And not just once—she ends your life time and time and time again. Your goal is to escape from this endless loop of despair.

Jump through time to change your destiny!

The investigation portions of the game are rendered in three-quarter view. Work toward your escape by searching rooms for the items and clues needed to solve puzzles and disarm traps. Time travel to obtain new, useful information capable of changing your destiny. Your goal is to use the methods available to you and escape the never-ending loop of death.

Your dear friend stalks toward you with a knife. Use the items at your disposal to escape!

Nemu may try to corner you while you’re investigating a room. Use the items around you to stop her and make your escape, otherwise you’ll be killed and sent back in time!

How many times must you be robbed of hope?!

Your actions will lead you to a number of different endings. However, it seems like only sadness and despair await you each and every time. Will you really manage to escape this cycle of death?!


  • Noa Asahi (voiced by Honoka Kuroki)
  • Nemu Tsukishiro (voiced by Yuuki Takada)
  • Akane Higuchi (voiced by Haruka Yamazaki)
  • Suzuka Hayami (voiced by Satsumi Matsuda)


  • Character Design: MIZU
  • Scenario: Takayoshi Muto (Synthese)
  • Planner / Producer: Yujiro Usuda

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