Sonic Superstars might be squarely aimed at retro Sonic fans, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new in this experience. As you probably know, Sonic Superstars will let 4 players come together locally to enjoy the game all at once. In a new video from SEGA, we learn that this is something Sonic’s devs have wanted to do for quite some time.

In a new video released by SEGA, Sonic Superstars Producer (and original designer of Sonic the Hedgehog!) Naoto Ohshima and current Sonic Team Creative Officer Takashi Iizuka talk in-depth about Sonic Superstars including inspirations, challenges, and what it’s like to create a new character.

Within that video, it’s revealed that Sonic’s developers have tried to implement 4-player co-op in the past, but they just couldn’t make things happen. When Ohshima returned to the fray for Sonic Superstars, he suggested the team try to tackle the idea once more, which led to its successful implementation this time around.

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