Arcana of Paradise ーThe Towerー, the real-time roguelike deckbuilding adventure developed by Tasto Alpha and published by SHUEISHA GAMES, has just released the first major update for the Steam version of the game, including the heavily requested hard mode, “The Path of Purgatory” to the game.

The Path of Purgatory Updates:

Face the Ultimate Challenge

Much requested by the community, a new challenge awaits in The Path of Purgatory. This new difficulty option will power up The Tower’s deadly inhabitants with devastating new moves, as well as more aggressive tendencies, as well as causing all cards to have a chance to tear on use. Successfully completing a run of the game on The Path of Purgatory will even unlock a unique reward. Players can change the game’s difficulty at any time via a new building in the commune.

Race to the Bottom

Players can now complete their runs in record time by utilizing a new “Double Time” mechanic to pass the time inside The Tower much faster. However, this can be a double-edged sword as enemies will attack much faster!

Finish the Arcana Collection

Each event and foe in The Tower can be solved in multiple ways, but unless solved in a specific way, will not reward their collection card. It can be hard to remember which cards were collected once on the run, so a notification has been added to help players finish their collections.

Improved Video Settings

To better serve players on various setups and wide-screen monitors, new resolution settings and the ability to select from the windowed, borderless windowed, and fullscreen display has been added.

About Arcana of Paradise -The Tower-

Embark on a tarot-inspired, topsy-turvy journey from the mind of Masaoki Shindo (Ruri Dragon) and Tom Ikeda (Black Bird, Rule of Rose, Director) complimented by an eccentric soundtrack by Jun Fukuda (No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw). Tend to the survival of a fellowship of kids isolated at the top of a mysterious tower. Venture into the cavernous halls below for sustenance, treasure, and a rumored paradise while defending against an onslaught of malevolent monsters.

Buddy up to form the perfect duo and descend into the belly of the Tower. Strategically choose from 20 playable children across 3 classes with distinct starting cards and passive traits, then build a deck with over 100 tarot-inspired playing cards.

Unlock new cards, children, and items during each run, encounter peculiar inhabitants of the Tower, and unravel the mystery of the Sacred Tree requiring the sacrifice of life-giving bread for special rewards. Toting a full deck and looking for a fresh challenge? Race to the bottom in Online Ranked Mode to challenge the highest-skilled pairings on the planet.


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