Publisher Valkyrie Initiative has revealed that Athanasy is coming to the Switch on June 29th, 2023. The title is priced at $10 and takes up 732 MB of space.

Deep beneath the surface of the dead Earth, “the City”, the last refuge of humanity, hides. Engineering genius and efforts of all mankind; a giant structure of steel, concrete, and biopolymers.

It doesn’t have a name. The locals simply call it “the City”. Lilies do not bloom here and the sun does not shine. There is no fresh breeze blowing here and you can’t hear the birds singing. Josiah Kaviani, a young mathematician and statistician, starts his journey in this underground maze of cramped streets. He is talented and intelligent, but he has one terrible drawback – he is unbearably alone.

But soon, Josiah will have a fateful encounter that will turn his whole life and make him break the shell he used to live in. A meeting with someone or, perhaps, something that is hidden in such depths that even the horrific City cannot reach them. Something so secret that the very knowledge of it can be deadly. Something truly monstrous.


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