Nintendo has just published a transcript of the Q&A portion of their latest shareholders meeting, and an interesting tidbit about Nintendo’s next-gen console was shared. As noticed by Twitter user Genki, it looks like Nintendo still plans on using the same Nintendo Account system on their next platform.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa thinks that keeping their current account system will allow for a smooth transition to next-gen, whenever that transition may be. We don’t know when we’ll see the next Nintendo platform, but we do know it’s on Nintendo’s mind.

UPDATE: You can now see the official question and answer in English, as Nintendo has released their translation of the Shareholders Q&A.


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1y ago

Nice. This surely means they will also keep the current NSO system and all of its perks and not reboot the retro content as they always shamelessly do. Right?


1y ago


Nope, i think they earlier stated that post wii or wii u that the licenses would be kept, but we all know how that went when switch released sadly.
So right now steam is the place to get all 3rd party games due to that (and online behind paywall)

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1y ago

all i know is, full 100% backwards compatibility and I'll buy it at launch; anything less than that it'll be a few years before i ever pick one up.


1y ago

If they truly want players to be able to seamlessly transition between systems, then it has to offer full backwards compatibility, including the NSO apps for playing games from older systems.


1y ago

They have some real problems to work out with these Nintendo accounts, such as being able to migrate to another Switch and keep EVERYTHING, like your Animal Crossing island or Splatoon 3 progress.

I'd like to be able to have my account on two Switches simultaneously, and download updates to my saves.

Hopefully these are things they think about for the next system.


1y ago

I've always been worried about the fact that they chose to call it "Nintendo SWITCH Online", specifically. I wish they could just create a virtual platform for all that retro content, especially now that it is a subscription service. Hopefully the name is just related to the fact that the titles are being emulated for the Switch device and they are accessible from the cloud, as well.