Gimmick! released for the NES/Famicom decades ago, but only in Japan and Scandinavia. The rest of the world has had to wait over 30 years to get a crack at the game, but the time has finally come with the release of Gimmick! Special Edition on the Switch eShop today.

While Gimmick! pushed the limits of the NES in terms of graphics, it also packed in an absolutely unbelievable soundtrack. You can hear it for yourself with the release of Gimmick! on the Switch, but you can also get a taste of some of the amazing tracks in the tribute video above.

The Super Strikers is the in-house band at Brave Wave Productions, and they’ve put together a special music video tribute to Gimmick!. The video, seen above, features a medley of tunes from Gimmick! that will no doubt get your toes tapping. As a huge fan of Gimmick!’s soundtrack, I have to say that the Super Strikers absolutely knocked it out of the park with this tribute!

Thanks to Grant for the heads up!

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