The July update for Path of Titans is available. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Combat Updates and New Abilities

The biggest new additions for this patch are new abilities and combat effects! This means many creatures are getting additional attacks such as kicks, stomps, group abilities, and passive abilities.

Some new abilities in this patch include:

  • Concavenator Ripping Kick: Lunge forward with talons, causing bleed damage.
  • Tyrannosaurus Deep Rumble: A vocal call that increases your defenses for a short time.
  • Lambeosaurus Front Kick: A front kick that can be used when running.
  • Kentrosaurus Lone Survivor: A passive effect that increases your armor and manoeuvrability when not in a group.
  • Iguanodon Back Kick: a rear kick that causes high damage.

There are many, many more abilities on the way to really make each creature stand out and carve its own gameplay style and niche.

Area-of-Effect attacks

Area-of-Effect attacks have been added to the game! These attacks will hit any enemies within a radius around you. Your dinosaur’s feet no longer have to hit your target in order to damage them, making aiming this attack much easier and more intuitive. This currently has been implemented on stomp attacks, such as for Albertaceratops and Amargasaurus, however more AoE attacks will be added to other dinosaurs in the future.

Anti-Cheat Updates

This patch we have implemented BattlEye Anti-Cheat into the game, replacing Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC). This Anti-Cheat system will be enabled on all Official Servers, and will help prevent hackers and cheaters. BattlEye is an industry-standard Anti-Cheat and is used across a number of popular titles. For more information, you can visit the BattlEye website at

That being said, BattlEye are optional on private and community servers and it will be up to the server owner to decide if BattlEye is right for their community. Players can also choose to launch Path of Titans without BattlEye if they so choose via an option in the launcher’s settings menu. Using BattlEye allows us to focus solely on developing Path of Titans instead of spending our time trying to catch cheaters and manage players’ bans. This is the best way for players to have a cheater-free Path of Titans experience while also having great updates to play in the future.

Status Effect Changes

Stamina Changes

We have adjusted stamina values for all creatures so they are even across the board, but certain dinosaurs drain their stamina faster depending on their playstyle, attacks, running speeds, and regeneration rates. This change ensures that venom is now much more consistent across all creatures, which will make creatures that rely on venom, like Metriacanthosaurus and Megalania, have a much better time hunting their prey.

Adjustments to Bleed, Venom, and Bone Break

We have also made some changes to the way other status effects affect creatures. Previously, the weight of a dinosaur played a large role in determining how much bone break, venom, and bleed damage was inflicted on a defending dinosaur. We have adjusted this value so status effects are now more consistent across all creatures. This means creatures that can inflict status effects can better rely on their abilities to tackle larger, heavier opponents.

Map Updates

We have made some considerable updates to both the Gondwa and Panjura map. Both maps now feature more realistic textures, and Gondwa in particular now features a new Birch Forest biome. Additionally, certain areas on the map now also have different colour tinting and environmental effects, to really make them stand out!


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