ATLUS has shared a whole new round of info for Persona 5 Tactica, include notes on the game’s story, characters Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki, and Toshiro Kasukabe, and the battle system. You can see a video covering all the news above, and the full breakdown of the details below. (h/t Gematsu)

A New Realm, Called the “Kingdom”

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts are thrown into a mysterious realm, where they are attacked by group called the Legionnaires. Despite trying to put up a fight, their leader “Marie” showed up, and brainwashed the entire team except for Joker and Morgana.

Saving the two from impending doom was “Erina,” the leader of the revolutionary army. They learn that this world they have been thrown into is called the “Kingdom.”

With the help of Erina, they were able to escape from Marie’s grasps to the revolutionary army’s hideout. But for some reason, it looks exactly like the Leblanc!

This isn’t the Palace. So what is this new realm called the Kingdom? Why is the Leblanc here? Rescue the brainwashed Phantom Thieves, and solve the mysteries of the Kingdom!

Marie Kingdom, a place where the tyrant Marie and the military group Legionnaires rule. The reason Marie, who is so strangely fixated on power, abuses the citizens is… a ginormous wedding!?

Making a deal to help the “Revolution,” Joker and Morgana decide to first rescue the rest of the Phantom Thieves. However, locked in the prison was a man named “Toshiro Kasukabe.”

Toshiro Kasukabe is a politician from the real world, but has no recollection of how he came to this realm and why he is being imprisoned. Initially suspicious, Joker decides to just wait and see for the time being, when all of a sudden news comes in that Marie has found her spouse!

■ Characters

Ryuji Sakamoto (voiced by Mamoru Miyano)

A boy who became a notorious troublemaker after physical education teachers purposely failed him. He awakened his Persona when he wandered into the strange realm with the main character. He became friends with the main character, who sympathized with him through his own similar circumstances, and together they founded the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, fighting against adults with desires. He’s quick to put up his fists, but is also filled with compassion. When he sees a friend in need or someone who is oppressed, he and his sense of justice and bravery is willing to stand up to any opponent. His Persona is Captain Kid.

Ann Takamaki (voiced by Nana Mizuki)

An outstandingly good-looking girl who is a quarter American. In the past, those very looks had isolated her, and she made many sacrifices to protect her only friend who understood her. However, when she started to hang out with the main character, she decided to take revenge against evil adults. She becomes a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts after she awakened her Persona. Her kindness does not allow her to ignore a weak person, and her strong will fears no evil. She lived overseas before, so she can speak English well. However, she is in a race to the bottom with Ryuji regarding her grades for all other subjects. Her Persona is Carmen.

Toshiro Kasukabe (voiced by Tomoake Maeno)

A young member of the Diet rumored to be the next Prime Minister. He was imprisoned after wandering into the alternate realm. The Phantom Thieves freed him, and so now he joins the group and works with them. He is very logic his thinking, and very resourceful. He can look at a situation from a higher perspective, and commander type of person. Despite this, he is deathly afraid of fighting and getting hurt, and so he is always looking for the safest route.

■ Show Off Your Combat Skills With the New Battle System!

The Epitome of a Phantom Thief! Use “Cover” to Hide in the Walls!

During battles, it is important to utilize “Cover,” which will allow you to hide in the walls much like a phantom thief will do. When you end your turn while Covering, you will be in Guard Mode. You can lessen the amount of damage taken by enemies, or even completely block their attack! On the contrary, if you receive damage when you are not in Guard Mode, the enemy will activate 1MORE and perform another attack. Be mindful of your surroundings and constantly perform actions near walls!

Attack the Hidden Enemies! Get One More 1MORE with Connecting Attacks!

Just like you, the enemies will fight using Cover as well. Use close-range attacks on enemies hiding behind walls. When you do, you can literally knock them out of Cover and remove them from Guard Mode!

If you hit the unguarded enemy with another ally, you will activate 1MORE. If there is an enemy in Guard Mode, knock them into open space and look for a chance to use 1MORE!

Give Bad Statuses to Enemies Using Persona’s Skill-based Attacks!

Traditionally, this series has used a system where you attack a weakness by looking at the compatibility of attributes. However, in this game, the system has changed. Now, attributes impart bad statuses on enemies, such as:

Agi – Forces an enemy to be in a damage-receiving state at the end of a turn.

Zio – Stops enemy movements for one turn.

Furthermore, you can remove enemies from Guard Mode if you inflict damage by Skill on those in Cover.

Battles will require utilizing Skills effectively by imparting bad statuses and activating 1MORE attacks by removing them from Guard Mode.

Turn the Tables with Unique Skills

During battle, attacking and being attacked will fill up the star-shaped “VOLTAGE” gauge located on the bottom right of the screen.

When this gauge becomes full, characters will be able to activate their “Unique Skills” that are special only to them! There are many types of skills, ranging from dealing massive damage to providing support-type effects. Even if you are in a disadvantageous position, Unique Skills can help you turn the tides with one single move!

Grow Your Party Members However You Want With the Skill Tree

Any character that you can add as a member of your party can grow to your liking with the Skill Tree.

GP (Grow Points) used for the Skill Tree can be obtained by raising the level of the Phantom Thieves through battles, or by watching the fun character conversations, called “TALK.”

Skills that you acquire can be reset at any time, and the GP used will also be returned. Try out different Skill formations and create your own original party member.

“TALK” Lets You Enjoy Conversations Among Members at the Hideout

You can observe conversations among members at the hideout through “TALK.” You might see conversations discussing the story, or dialogue that helps you enjoy it even more. You may even come across chats between characters that you’ve never seen interact before! “TALK” allows you to enjoy the story and character interactions by showing you a side of the Phantom Thieves and Erina that you’ll never expect!

In fact, “TALK” also allows you to obtain GP used for the Skill Tree. Your enjoyment will also lead to the growth of the characters. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

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