RedDeer.Games announced its new game – Cat’s Cosmic Atlas, coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2023.

Cat’s Cosmic Atlas is a unique, hand-drawn educational point-and-click adventure, allowing players to uncover the marvels of our Solar System and the vastness of space, hand in paw with an adorable kitty named Fellie.

About the game:

Fellie takes players through the Southern and Northern skies in the captivating picture book style, combining whimsical illustrations with the celestial magic of stars and planets. Cat’s Cosmic Atlas aesthetic draws inspiration from classic children’s literature, creating an enchanting world through space.

– Working with talented people is an unparalleled pleasure. I am extremely delighted that soon we will be able to share one of our latest projects – Cat’s Cosmic Atlas. – says Dominik Czarniga, Creative Director and Senior Game Producer, RedDeer.Games

– This educational journey through space will provide joy and valuable entertainment to both young users and adults, inspiring them to explore and delve into knowledge about the distant worlds surrounding us. – he adds.


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