Nintendo's Summer 2023 Magazine is now available digitally in English

The star this time is none other than Link

15 July 2023
by znbashi 1

Nintendo has released its Summer 2023 magazine, it’s 54 pages long and it’s packed with all the latest news and information about the latest Switch games. The cover features Link enjoying a watermelon, which fits the season.

The magazine mostly focuses on first-party games that were released recently or are going to be released soon. There are articles on Pikmin 4, Nintendo Switch Sports, Splatoon 3, and more. There’s also a section celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original Famicom release.

On top of that, the magazine also features an interesting map that shows you the different types of games available based on the number of players and how you can play them.


You can read the magazine in English here.

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Just someone who spent most of his childhood playing Smash Bros with my brother, which led me to explore more games. Favorite franchises include Xenoblade and Kirby.

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1y ago

Awesome! Reminds me of the Club Nintendo magazines we got in the mail in the 90's. I as well did read them front to cover. Too bad I must still skip the Zelda pages because of possible spoilers in there.