Another Splatoon 3 Splatfest has come to an end, and all teams fought valiantly. That said, only one team can come out the winner in the end, and we now know which group managed to best the other two this time around.

In a battle of the ice cream flavors, it was Team Vanilla that took home the win. Mint Chip certainly did what they could to try and secure the victory, but it just wasn’t possible. While there’s no doubt Strawberry gave it their best shot, one of the three teams had to come in third, and that’s where Strawberry resides.

Which team did you pledge your allegiance to during this Splatfest? Are you enjoying a sweet victory tonight, or did this battle leave a bad taste in your mouth?

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1y ago

But there's so many terrible vanilla's out there! I enjoy it when it's actually good instead of the cheap stuff which is just sugar ice with some milk thrown in. Out of those three flavors the one I buy the most is strawberry. Poor Frye :(