JanduSoft is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “Jett Rider - Reduce, reuse and BLAST IT OFF!” - an action-packed arcade shooter developed by Last Chicken Game. The game is set to launch on all major platforms, delivering an unforgettable Metroidvania-style adventure filled with action, exploration, RPG elements, and a dash of humor. Jett Rider - Reduce, reuse and BLAST IT OFF! is coming soon to Switch.

As players embark on a thrilling space-faring journey, they’ll take on the role of Jett Rider, a space sweeper who stumbles upon a surprising and messy turn of events while picking up wreckage in the orbit of the planet Gravos.

In a heroic quest to save the planet and its people, players will confront tough bosses, fight off enemies, and face various challenges.


  • Shooter action, exploration, lots of humor and impressive bosses.
  • Upgrade your jetpack and skills to reach unexplored areas of Gravos.
  • Make money by recycling space debris.
  • Expand your arsenal and choose your favorite weapon.
  • Collect the Golden Idols and exchange them for unique items at the Peach Store.
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