Developer thatgamecompany is honoring Sky: Children of the Light’s four-year anniversary today by treating the internationally beloved game’s community to a summer full of celebrations. In addition, there are several fan assemblies planned for Asia, South America and the U.S, and players around the world can be a part of gaming history as thatgamecompany attempts to break a world record for most players together on a single screen with its proprietary technology behind Sky. But players don’t need to wait until August to gather for the anniversary fun as the popular birthday event returns alongside a brand-new prairie level, “Season of Moments,” available now.

Introducing an exciting array of updates and events, thatgamecompany has something to captivate experienced Sky kids and new players alike, including:

Fly Through a Two-Week In-Game Anniversary Event in July - Sky: Children of the Light’s four-year anniversary celebrations just kicked off on Monday, July 17, as thatgamecompany brought back the memorable in-game party event in which players don their birthday crowns and join a plethora of activities. The lively event will bring hundreds of players together in a dance floor celebration. Players will also see the return of limited event currency items, including cakes, guitars, happy birthday music sheets, props, and more.

Digitally Capture Sky’s Untamed Beauty - The festive “Season of Moments” is here, and players can saddle up for adventure as they explore a brand-new prairie level based on Yellowstone National Park. Sky kids can connect with nature while collaboratively exploring gorgeous, wide-open plains and capturing each moment with new photography tools, including a selfie mode. Gamescom: Sky Official World Record Breaking Event - On Friday, Aug. 25, Gamescom attendees and fellow Sky players will become a part of a remarkable moment in gaming as thatgamecompany attempts to make multiplayer history for video games and reach a world record of concurrent players in a single screen. Players in person and around the world will come together via proprietary technology and break online game boundaries.

Gamescom: Sky Embarks on a New Journey - Attendees will get a glimpse into the future with a firsthand look at Sky on PC with an exclusive onsite Steam play test in Hall Nine. Sky fans can also wishlist the PC version on Steam; details on a virtual play test are coming soon! Relive Sky’s One-of-a-Kind Concert - From Sunday, Aug. 27 through Sunday, Sept. 3, Sky kids will relive the in-game musical journey alongside thousands of other players in-game. During this encore event, seasonal items will return including items and cosmetics initially only available during the performance.


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