If you listen to the GN Podcast or follow our Patreon, you probably know that I’m a massive fan of pro wrestling. It’s been a part of my life since the single digit years, and my connection to pro wrestling has only grown since. That’s exactly why I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on WrestleQuest, the upcoming pro wrestling-based RPG.

As we inch ever closer to the game’s August 8th, 2023, IGN has shared not one, but two different videos giving a look at what WrestleQuest has to offer. First up, IGN’s editors talk with some of the team working on WrestleQuest to see just how in the world they came up with the idea of mixing traditional RPG mechanics with the world of pro wrestling. In the second video, we get to hear from even more pro wrestlers on what they think of this unique blend of gaming genres.

Just like pro wrestling, RPGs aren’t for everyone. Bringing together two forms of entertainment that can be divisive for some people makes it seem like a recipe for disaster, but the hype train behind WrestleQuest seems to be proving once again that opposites attract. Let’s hope that proves to be true when the game finally launches.

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