Sometimes you hop over to YouTube and the algorithm serves you up an absolute gem. That’s exactly what happened to me earlier today, and I had to share what I saw with you guys.

3D SANAGO has made a huge name for himself on YouTube by showcasing the amazing works he creates with his 3D pen. The 3D pen, which extrudes heated plastic from its tip, can be used to make all sorts of 3D models and more. It’s really just limited by your imagination, and 3D SANAGO has shown that he has absolutely no limits. It doesn’t hurt that he’s amazing with the 3D pen as well!

In one of his latest creations, 3D SANAGO came up with the idea of creating a Pikachu model, complete with a bit of lightning coming from his cheeks. Seeing the entire process play out is incredible, as the project takes an enormous amount of patience and skill to pull off. Not surprisingly, 3D SANAGO’s final product is good enough to look like an official product.

This light-up Pikachu isn’t the only time 3D SANAGO has put his skills to use to create gaming tributes. You can see all his other gaming works by checking out his YouTube channel here.

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