Capcom has been in the game for a long time. The company first came into existence back in 1979, and they’ve been creating hit games and franchises for 40+ years. Not surprisingly, they’ve managed to rack up some incredible sales over those 4 decades, and now we know what series reign supreme.

Capcom has updated their list of best-selling franchises, and now we know the totals for the top 5 in their catalog. You can probably guess what #1 is, but can you guess the other 4? Take a second to ponder the top 5, and then read on to see how well you know your Capcom.

  1. Resident Evil – 146 million units
  2. Monster Hunter – 94 million units
  3. Street Fighter – 52 million units
  4. Mega Man – 40 million units
  5. Devil May Cry – 29 million units

While I got the four no problem, I didn’t have Devil May Cry on my list. We don’t see entries in that franchise quite as often as Capcom’s other brands, but the figures clearly show it to be quite the powerhouse.

With new entries either just released or in the works for every franchise listed above, you can expect these brands to continue their dominance for years to come.

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12M ago

Interesting sales distribution. The time and resources devoted to the RE-makes are quite understandable when put in this perspective


12M ago

40 million for Mega Man, or 250k per title released on average.


12M ago

Can't wait to see how the crew guesses go for this list!

Why does that matter if it's 40 million in the end?


12M ago

Is what I would like to say but I know that Ace Attorney didn't sell enough to earn a top spot.


12M ago

That Street Fighter number seems surprisingly low and RE's is surprisingly high.