Powerful Pro Baseball Eikan Nine Crossroad announced for Switch (UPDATE)

The title will first see a mobile release next month

10 July 2024
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Powerful Pro Baseball Eikan Nine Crossroad will be coming to Switch at some point in the future, developer Konami has announced. This new entry in the popular Power Pros series will first see a release on mobile devices come September 20th before heading to Nintendo’s latest console in the future. You can check out a teaser trailer for the title above.

Eikan Nine is a mode in which you become a high school baseball coach, train your team, and lead them to the Koshien Japan National High School Baseball Tournament.

Powerful Pro Baseball Eikan Nine Crossroad retains the traditional Eikan Nine setup, but adds new elements for even deeper team building, including “Scholarship Students,” “Growth Board,” and “Rival Schools.”

Key Features

Eikan Nine – Lead the team to victory as a coach, including daily practice and game strategy, with the goal of reaching the Koshien Japan National High School Baseball Tournament.

Scout Scholarship Students – With the new scholarship student scouting system, you can scout familiar characters from the Powerful Pro series as players and managers. Scout characters can join the coach’s baseball team (in Eikan Nine) as “scholarship students.”

Stadium Koshien League – Play in the Koshien League with an “Eikan Team” saved after the Eikan Nine mode summer tournament. Join the Higher Leagues and earn rewards.

Stadium Eikan Tower – Play Eikan Tower with an “Arranged Team” made up of players who go pro in Eikan Nine mode. Clear each floor of the tower’s theme to obtain materials and items usable in Eikan Mode.

UPDATE: Powerful Pro Baseball Eikan Nine Crossroad has been given a July 17th, 2024 launch date in Japan. The Switch release includes support data sharing with the iOS and Android versions, and it will also be able to link with the Powerful Pro Baseball 2024-2025, which is due out on July 18th, 2024 in Japan. One “Eikan Team,” one “Arrange Team,” and up to 70 “Players” in Powerful Pro Baseball Eikan Nine Crossroad can be linked to Powerful Pro Baseball 2024-2025, and linked teams and players can be used across various modes.

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