Tiny Thor was first revealed for Switch all the way back in February of this year, and at that time we learned it would see release Summer 2023. The developers have stayed true to their word, as the game is launching on Switch today.

In Tiny Thor, players will explore the mystical Norse realm of Asgard, adventuring across 30 unique, hand-crafted levels. Along the way, the diminutive deity will encounter tricky environmental puzzles and almighty adversaries, including the many-tentacled Kraken and the infamous trickster God, Loki.

However, no challenge is too great for our young hero! Armed with the incredible mini-Mjölnir, players can freely aim the ricocheting weapon to overcome obstacles and succeed in epic boss battles. Additionally, players can learn special abilities to bestow Thor with mighty powers befitting a (very small) god and unlock challenge levels to test their godliness even further.

Increasing the nostalgia further, Tiny Thor features art from veteran pixel artist Henk Nieborg (Spyro: A Hero’s Tail, Contra 4, Shantae series) and an original soundtrack from Chris Hülsbeck (Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Turrican).

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