Nintendo Australia shares a Pikmin 4 accolades trailer

What do our Aussie friends have to say?

04 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

You’ve probably heard that Pikmin 4 seems to be doing quite well in terms of sales, setting new records for the franchise in just about every region. The game appears to be doing a great job of selling itself at this point, but Nintendo wants to make sure they give Pikmin 4 every chance it can get to move more units, hence today’s trailer.

You might be thinking that you’ve already seen an accolades trailer for Pikmin 4, and that’s because you have! That trailer was put out by Nintendo of America, but this video comes from Nintendo Australia. While the footage is the same, the quotes and outlets are different…and obviously Australian!

Wondering what the Aussie press has been saying about Pikmin 4? Nintendo has gathered a few choice quotes to cram into a new trailer, and you can check it out above. As expected, you’ll see a ton of praise for the title along with a sizable helping of gorgeous gameplay footage. If that doesn’t convince you to give the game a go, we’re not sure what will!

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