Warframe has been updated to Ver. 33.6.3. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Temporarily removed the ability to purchase additional Operator/Drifter Appearance Config Slots in Teshin’s Cave, as it would cause players to crash.
  • This is a quick patch as the real fix requires Code. Players should have this functionality restored with our next Cert build.
  • Note: You are still able to purchase additional Operator/Drifter Appearance Config Slots in your Orbiter or Hubs (Cetus, etc.).
  • Updated Swooping Miasma Decree’s description to better indicate that players “Gain +x mid-air jumps”, and fixed capitalization.
  • Updated Incarnon Genesis descriptions to reduce important information being cut off in the Steel Path Circuit Reward selection screen.


  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow Haze Augment buff applying inconsistently based on Ability Range. The Critical Chance bonus will now be consistent regardless of your modded Ability Range stat.
  • Fixed Kahl being unable to aim down sights after exiting security cameras in Break Narmer missions.
  • Fixed Client Drifter Melee appearing invisible and not saving customization when their appearance is changed via the Mirror in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed being unable to customize the Sun & Moon sheath in Teshin’s Cave. Drifters will now see the missing “Attachments” option in this weapon’s Appearance menu.
  • This also fixes Drifter Attachment colors applying to the Sun & Moon sheath in Duviri.
  • Fixed Swooping Miasma Decree not applying Viral status to enemies who are asleep.
  • Fixed Kexat’s Pounce Decree not being triggered while airborne during Titania’s Razorwing, Hildryn’s Aegis Storm, or Yareli’s Merulina.
  • Fixed a % appearing before Chatlinks in a Clan’s Message of the Day as per:
  • Fixed a [PH] tag appearing for returning players of a host migration after completing the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed being unable to Chatlink various items, including:
  • TennoCon 2023 Digital Pack items
  • Various Star Days Glyphs
  • Rhino Dex Noggle
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when attempting to customize your Drifter in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed Jackal restoring health and spawning enemies for returning players if a host migration occurred during the final finisher of the fight.
  • Fixed becoming invisible and losing physics after dying as Sevagoth’s Shadow in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed blocking in the Drifter Melee tutorial in the Duviri Paradox Quest not being counted if players swapped to a different Drifter Config via the Mirror in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed “Waiting for Players” message remaining indefinitely on Client screens if Host is pulled into the Confront Kullervo objective while Maw Feeding.

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