SUDA51 takes a dev deep dive into The Silver Case and its sequel

From the mind of gaming's most punk rock dev

10 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

The Silver Case was the debut title from developer SUDA51, and it helped put him down the path to the cult status he enjoys today. In The Silver Case, you take control of a member of the Special Forces Unit known as “Republic” - from a first-person perspective and dig deep into the underground of the 24 Wards and the police force itself to unravel the various interconnected mysteries encountered.

Inspired by classic adventure and visual novel-style games as well as neo-noir and hardboiled detective films, The Silver Case provides a unique and revolutionary gameplay experience as it leads you through deep and engaging storylines filled with puzzles and riddles. Uncover the truth piece by piece as you struggle to survive in this dark and dangerous world where the stakes are even higher than they seem.

A sequel, The Silver Case 2425, eventually saw release on Switch, but that wouldn’t have been possible without the release of the original. In the video above, we get to hear SUDA51 talk all about the development of The Silver Case, along with details on how the sequel came to be. If you’re a fan of the franchise or SUDA51 in general, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

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11M ago


The sequel was "The 25th Ward: The Silver Case" which was released for mobile devices in 2005. "The Silver Case 2425" for Switch was a combination of both games.

I played them both and BOY were they bad.