While today marks the launch of the Invasion expansion for Overwatch 2, some fans are still quite miffed that Blizzard decided to scrap development of the game’s PvE mode. That content was announced some time ago, but Blizzard eventually pulled the plug to place their focus elsewhere.

While we’ve heard tiny snippets about why the PvE content was called off, Kotaku had the chance to talk with Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller for a bit more insight. You can see his comments on the decision to step away from PvE below.

“As we continued to develop the game that we had announced, we realized that progress wasn’t going as quick as we wanted it to, that the game was not coming together in the way that we thought was worthy of putting the Blizzard name on it, and at the same time, we were making a lot of sacrifices to the game that was running at the time, which was degrading the player experience. So we made a really big strategic shift and it was a very difficult thing to do, because we had an announcement that had already been made. But for us, it was more important to create something that we knew our players wanted and needed at the time.”

[Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller ]

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12M ago

"We realized that we were already making tons of money even without the PvE so we didn't bother anymore."

There, I fixed it.