There are plenty of voice actors out there who breath life into their characters, becoming synonymous with the role. In the case of Stray Gods, the game’s singers ended up informing how those characters were portrayed.

In an interview with Polygon, Stray Gods composer Austin Wintory talked about the various performers who sang the tunes you’ll hear in-game. One of those singers is Anjali Bhimani, and she ended up completely steering the character of Medusa in a very different direction.

“We get Anjali Bhimani in the booth. And the first thing out of her mouth was [Wintory does his best Eartha Kitt impression]: ‘I thought it would be fun if Medusa speaks with a kinda Eartha Kitt quality.’ And we were like, Holy shit, this changes everything. And we loved it so much. We’re just falling all over ourselves dying laughing, and it was also creepy in this interesting way. She’s just fucking awesome.”

[Austin Wintory, composer]

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