A second trailer was released by Mongoose Redeo for Crowsworn, a hand-drawn Metroidvania, will be making its way to Switch sometime down the road. Developers Mongoose Rodeo launched a Kickstarter for Crowsworn awhile back, and gamers were more than happy to help fund this project. While it’ll be quite some time until we get to play the game, we can at least enjoy a fresh trailer. Check out some of the action of Crowsworn above.

A dark curse has befallen the land of Fearanndal, a once vibrant kingdom. All but the last remnants of humanity have seemingly vanished, as the world is overrun by sightless creatures of nightmare.

Explore a large interconnected world as you fight against hordes of monsters that roam the forsaken lands. Uncover secrets and unlock new abilities that enhance your arsenal of deadly weapons and powers. Venture forth to lift the ancient curse and unravel the mystery behind its origins, as you attempt to discover the truth and realize your salvation.

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