Since the beginning of time, creators have been sneaking hidden messages in their projects. Hidden images in movies, subliminal sounds in songs, inside jokes in TV shows, and so on. Games are no different, and it appears a rather vulgar one was slipped into the world of Splatoon 2.

If you visit Jelfonzo in Splatoon 2, you might notice that his shirt changes every day. On one of those days, you’ll see him in the shirt above. That shirt has some Splatoon font on it, and Twitter user Rassicas went through the trouble of extracting the the shirt’s design for a closer look.

From there, it just took a few minutes to translate the letters on the shirt, and the message is extremely surprising, especially for a Nintendo game. You can find the translation below, albeit with some letters blurred out. We’re guessing you can figure out what it says.


Whether meant as a joke or slipped in by a disgruntled employee, you can bet Nintendo’s higher-ups weren’t aware of it. Now with word spreading around the internet, it’ll be a matter of days before Nintendo updates the game to remove the offensive shirt. Enjoy it while you still can, gang!

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2y ago

Not fresh, Jelfonzo!


2y ago

That's kinda funny. They got away with it for a few years. Will Nintendo be able to find who exactly did this? It's a gobbledygook made up language, where it had to be pointed out that it said something "offensive". But, ya, you can be sure Nintendo will now edit it.


2y ago

My name, by the way, is Jelfonzo!
But you can call be Jelfo the squid killer. Has a nice ring to it don't you think?!