Hello Engineer introduces itself to Switch today

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17 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

tinyBuild Riga are finalizing their blueprints and tightening up the final bolts on Hello Engineer in preparation for launch on Switch today. Originally a Stadia exclusive, this construction puzzle spinoff from the Hello Neighbor series is going multiplatform.

Whether you’re going solo or working with a full engineering crew in co-op, Hello Engineer delivers a wide array of brainteasing challenges across its 20+ mission campaign. Whether you’re racing, navigating obstacles, hauling cargo or even battling bosses, you’ll need to prove your ingenuity and put together the perfect vehicle for the job with a complex, in-depth building interface.

There’s very few limits to what you can build in Hello Engineer. With a wrench and a can-do attitude, anything’s possible! Wire up those batteries, tune up those engines and customize the controls on your machines and save them to your library of contraptions, or share them online via the Steam Workshop.

Being yet another adventure in the quirky world of Hello Neighbor, there are secrets to be uncovered too. Build to your heart’s content in the Sandbox mode, but also keep your eyes peeled for mysteries and optional challenges. A true engineer’s work is never done, and the town of Raven Brooks still holds some mysteries for you to uncover. Not that anything is easy with the unhinged gadgeteer Mr. Peterson around - the Raven Brooks Inventor’s Club should prepare to butt heads with some of his most fiendish creations yet.

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