Heads up! The latest Tera Raid event is now live in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. This raid is called A Show of Supporters and features Blissey, Hatterene, and Grimmsnarl.

This event is the second one in a lead up to the Mewtwo Tera Raid battle and these Pokémon will be good to use in said event.

The ‘A Show of Supporters’ event runs from August 18th until August 31st at 23:59 UTC and will repeat again on September 1st until September 17th, 2023.

Below there are some details:

  • All three have a random Tera Type.
  • The Star Level is 5.

Other notes:

  • HP multiplier: *35
  • Shield Damage: 20% Std, 30% Tera, 70% Matching Tera
  • Specific TMs and vitamins dropped by Hatterene and Grimmsnarl: HP Up, Iron, Zinc, Struggle Bug, Snarl, Reflect and Light Screen.

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