For the NARUTO series’ 20th anniversary, relive the intense ninjutsu combat and nostalgic storytelling in NARUTO X BORUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM CONNECTIONS. Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. today announced the title will launch on November 17 for Switch. Pre-orders for the game, including a Premium Collector’s Edition complete with several physical and digital bonuses are available now on the official website.

From the formation of Team 7 and Chunin Exams to the Five Kage Summit and Fourth Great Ninja War, NARUTO X BORUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM CONNECTIONS highlights many of NARUTO’s story arcs. Featuring the game series’ trademark cinematic fights and true-to-anime visuals, and an all-new simple control style for newcomers, fans can go head-to-head in up-to-3v3 team-based combat, where tactical thinking, swift attacks, and overwhelmingly powerful Jutsus will determine victory. The game features the largest playable roster in a NARUTO game with over 130 fighters to choose from. NARUTO X BORUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM CONNECTIONS also features a unique in-game story where Naruto’s son Boruto must stop the threat of the Fifth Great Ninja War from breaking out. The experience is enhanced with localized voice-over in multiple languages with Japanese, English, Neutral Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Every pre-order will receive three exclusive costumes – the TV Anime 20th Anniversary costumes for Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, and The Final Battle costume for Naruto Uzumaki. Players who own NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER will also receive bonus items, including a Nanashi T-Shirt, a Merz Style costume, and Merz’s hair when they pre-order NARUTO X BORUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM CONNECTIONS. Users must own both games on the same platform to unlock items. In addition to the Standard Edition, other editions available for pre-order include:

Digital Editions:

Deluxe Edition: Players will receive the base game, the Season Pass, and an exclusive “Maskless” costume for Kakashi.

The Season Pass will add five new playable characters post-launch, and an exclusive costume for Naruto Uzumaki (Great Ninja War: End).

Ultimate Edition: Fans will receive five new costumes, two costume accessories, and all content included in the Digital Deluxe Edition along with the base game.

Physical Editions

Collector’s Edition: In addition to the base game and a steelbook case, fans will also receive a special Collector’s Box complete with a collectible inlay and an exclusive Naruto and Sasuke figurine set themed after the TV Anime’s 20th anniversary.

Premium Collector’s Edition: By pre-ordering the Premium Collector’s Edition, players will receive all digital and physical bonuses from the Digital Deluxe / Ultimate Edition, and the Collector’s Edition. Players will also receive six physical collectible cards and a special scroll with original artwork of all of NARUTO X BORUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM CONNECTIONS fighters created exclusively for the game by the studio behind the hit NARUTO anime, Studio Pierrot.

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11M ago

The fact that this game is getting a german dub is honestly blowing my mind right now. I was aware of the game but not exactly looking forward to it, but now I'm going to gobble up each and every second of it.