Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the next big Mario game, and it’s not going to feature the work of Charles Martinet. Nintendo revealed earlier today that Charles is going to be stepping down from the voice of Mario, along with all the other Mario characters he voices. That includes Wario, and unfortunately, we’ve already heard the last of Martinet in that role as well.

Nintendo cleared up earlier today that Martinet wouldn’t be voicing Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and fans would see who has taken up the mantle once that game releases. Now we know the same goes for WarioWare: Move It!, as a Nintendo representative has confirmed that Charles isn’t involved in that game either. (h/t NWR)

We don’t have any clue how Wario’s voice will be handled going forward. Will the same person be doing Mario, Wario, and everyone else that Martinet voiced, or will Nintendo be hiring different actors for each role? We’ll most likely have to wait until these games release to get the final answer.


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giancarlo thomaz senoni

11M ago

oh that explain why Wario excelente sounded so weird

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It sounds fine though. If not maybe more energetic.