Don’t Starve Together has been updated to version 1.8.0, which includes content from Cult of the Lamb Crossover, Terrors Below, and Skill Spotlight alongside a number of bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes below.

Cult of the Lamb x Don’t Starve Together

We’ve had our eyes on a Crossover with Cult of the Lamb for quite some time. We may have our plates full with our 2023 roadmap but we couldn’t resist the temptation to do a bite-sized crossover for you all. This update will be available today on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch!

Something wooly this way comes! A charming change-up is coming to the Constant, and we can hardly contain our shear excitement. You’ll have it baa-d for this culty collab!

Crossover Content

  • The Crown trinket can now be found in Wet Pouches that are fished from the oasis lake.
  • Offering the Crown trinket to the Antlion will reward the players with new blueprints.


  • The Thermal Stone now pacifies the Antlion for 4 days.
  • The Beach Toy now pacifies the Antlion for 3 days.
  • Fixed the rounding errors when calculating the Antlion tribute values.
  • Increased the odds of getting your first Desert Goggles Blueprint and Beach Toy from a Wet Pouch.
  • Added a missing validation check for skill tree skill selections.

Skill Spotlight: Wormwood, Wolfgang, Woodie


  • Wolfgang Skillset added
  • Wormwood Skillset added
  • Woodie Skillset added
  • Survivors can now craft large Support Pillars to create areas safe from quake debris and cave ins.
  • Equipment forged from the Brightsmithy and Shadowcraft Plinth are now no longer prototype-able but can be repaired using specific repair kits.
    • When they reach a fully broken state, they can no longer be equipped until repaired.
  • Equipment changes:
    • Umbralla can now be activated on the ground to generate an area of effect rain barrier.  Please note that acid rain does not heal the Umbralla while it is activated like this.
    • Void Cowl and Void Robe no longer provide acid rain immunity.
    • Void Cowl and Void Robe no longer drain sanity when equipped.
    • Ramping shadow planar damage buff now only requires equipping Void Cowl instead of the full set.
    • Void Robe now blocks negative sanity auras (e.g. from monsters or other scary objects).
    • Brightshade weapon buffs now only require equipping Brightshade Helm instead of the full set.
    • Brightshade Helm now prevents Charlie attacks when standing in darkness.
    • Brightshade Armor now has minor damage reflection.
    • Dreadstone Armor and Dreadstone Helm no longer drain sanity when not self-repairing.

From Beyond: Terrors Below

Something sinister is seeping to the surface, and new horrors have taken up residence in the dark. Will our Survivors be able to band together to push back the encroaching darkness, or are the cracks in their resolve already starting to show?

  • New Features
    • Dark Miasma will spew from Shadow rifts opened by defeating the Ancient Fuelweaver or by server settings.
    • New shadow thralls will emerge from the Miasma bringing new materials to craft new “Horrible” tools and gear.
    • Start of a new Scrapbook feature.

Additional Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Merms not defending nearby Wurt players who are under attack.
  • Fixed the Void Set not losing its amplified damage bonus when getting hit.
  • Fixed a crash with a Fire Dart hitting Wormwood’s summons.
  • Fixed Wolfgang losing collision when being hit while on a Mighty Gym.
  • Fixed a case where the Mighty Gym goes invisible when skinned.
  • Fixed players wearing the Void Cowl hat and having their head go invisible for a frame while mining.
  • Fixed an engine crash related to boats hitting a burnt tree.
  • Fixed two crashes related to the Turf-Raiser Helm.
  • Fixed skill tree selections getting removed during a save cycle in offline mode.
  • Fixed a crash related to Woodie’s werebeaver form as a ghost.
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s work crits working on Dreadstone Pillars with a tool unsuitable for the job.
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s work crits not breaking Mini Glaciers.
  • Fixed Pillars losing their collision when going out of range letting creatures walk through them.
  • Fixed Woodie’s were meter draining during the transformation animation.
  • Fixed up beard hair turf that had been changed to lunar rift turf.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s Compost Care, Photosynthesis, and Bramble Trap Specialist skills not functioning when unlocked.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s Saladmander not regenerating its health when it first loads in.
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s Thermbell not being able to be given to the Antlion.
  • Fixed a crash related to Wormwood’s summons being frozen.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s summons losing their summoner if hit with an indirect attack.
  • Fixed skill trees that were stuck in a respec loop when going into and out of caves.
  • Fixed an issue with Moonstorms sometimes showing up in wrong locations on clients.
  • Fixed a crash when a skinned Mighty Gym is destroyed while being used.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s summons being attacked by Abigail.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s Photosynthesis regenerating in darkness.
  • Fixed a typo in Walter’s speech.
  • Fixed Wanda’s watch description in the Scrapbook.
  • Fixed incorrect and missing turfs.
  • Fixed not updating scrapbook entries when when using the “Inspect” action.
  • Fixed the buttons pressed to activate the “Shop” option in the Item Collection to match the helpbar text.
  • Fixed Above Average tree trunks not turning transparent when obstructing a large part of the screen.
  • Fixed missing sort options in the Item Collection.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a world, or when going into or out of the Caves.
  • Fixed Ping not appearing in the server listings.
  • Fixed the Scrapbook notification getting stuck on the screen even after you look at the Scrapbook.
  • Fixed an issue where fissures were set to None in world generation settings having no fissures for the Ink Blights to spawn.
  • Confirmation popup will now show when using controllers to make the offering to Beckoning Hand or Grainy Transmission.
  • Brightshade Bomb explosions will now draw aggro.
  • Brightshade Bomb explosions can now be used to destroy Dreadstone Outcrops.
  • Fixed a crash sometimes when Brightshade Bomb hits Sentrypede.
  • Fixed a crash sometimes when Deadly Brightshades are frozen.
  • Fixed animation layering when wearing Void Cowl or Brightshade Helm.
  • Fixed animation layering when attacking with a whip weapon.
  • Fixed minor animation bugs with Antlion, Dragonfly and Ryftstal.
  • Fixed Wigfrid’s Moonbound head skin always having her signature hat.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a game in split screen.
  • Fixed an issue where players could keep taking miasma damage after leaving the caves if they were taking damage while using the exit.
  • Fixed controller support for the offerings to enable Rifts.
  • Dread Mite damage can now be blocked by Bone Armor.
  • Cleaned up and brought back all the jumping animations where hats pop off the head for a few frames (except when wearing a full head covering like Void Cowl).
  • Improved Nitre Formations mining actions.
  • Fixed bug where Dreadstone Stacks could be broken in ways not using stronger tools.
  • Fixed bug with Ryftstals sometimes not being removed when the Rift closes.
  • Fixed bug with multiple Grainy Transmissions persisting in a world.
  • Fixed bugs where the head symbols can be dislocated during some animations when wearing Void Cowl.
  • Fixed Warly’s Shadow Jacket’s upper arm missing and skin tone variants added.
  • Fixed Wortox’s Shadow Torso having hands.
  • Fixed Walter’s Triumphant skin set having a small shift in skin tone.
  • Fixed Walter’s Crooked Cap missing an inventory icon.
  • Fixed Walter’s Shadow Shirt forcing one set of arms.
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s Moonbound skin having spillover artwork around its border.
  • Lunar Rifts will now try very hard to spawn outside of base areas.
  • Brightshade plant target priority was changed to make controller players have a better time targeting the plants.
  • Improved controller targeting priority for Unseen Hands during Ancient Fuelweaver fight.
  • Mushrooms added to world regrowth; world settings to come at a later time.
  • Wagstaff will no longer stick around after defeating the Celestial Champion if rifts are already open or if they are turned off through world settings.
  • Adjusted the Monkey Queen’s rewards to streamline obtaining each and allows for more trades afterwards to be worth doing.
  • Wagstaff will no longer cause spiders to come out of their dens when walking over webbing.
  • Fixed an issue where random parts of the map could be missing after loading a world.
  • Fixed an issue where ground textures would be missing or disappear, including the Archive Orchestrina puzzle and meteor scorch marks.
  • Fixed black bars appearing randomly on the minimap.
  • Fixed graphical corruption when zooming the minimap in and out.
  • Fixed positioning of Enlightened Crown, Ocean Fishing Rod, and Antlion Hat containers in split screen.
  • Fixed Mushrooms not saving their growth time correctly.
  • Fixed Mushrooms being able to be picked up when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed a crash with Terrorclaws trying to attach itself to a boat.
  • Fixed a crash with Brightshade Vines being hit.
  • Fixed herd members forming herds too quickly making multiple herds next to each other.
  • Fixed a sound on the Brightshades when they entangle a plant.
  • Fixed insanity sound effects playing over each other going in and out of lunacy areas.
  • Punching bags will no longer have their damage indicators grow in size while idle.
  • Burnt small trees will no longer have a small thin white line on it when zoomed out.
  • Lunar tree saplings will no longer have a small white pixel floating off in the distance.
  • Replanted plants will now correctly be included for arena detection.
  • Removed duplicate tradable components being added onto Enlightened Shards.
  • Fix the world not looking for good arena spots when loading from a world where a timer is active.
  • Lunar Rifts will once again be tile aligned to fit the turf theme.
  • Punching bags will now properly show zero damage received when fully blocking incoming damage.
  • Fixed an uncapped particle system that could cause crashes if repeatedly started.
  • Fixed an item duplication issue with Lunar Rifts terraforming pickable items such as reeds or grass.
  • Fixed a crash related to portals during a rollback.
  • Fixed Astral Detectors pointing to Celestial Altar pieces when carried by players.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Crab King when going away during its arm spawn phase.
  • Moonblind birds will no longer get stuck on trees and other colliding objects when landing.

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