Digital Extremes today detailed planned new updates for global hit Warframe, including the introduction of a cross platform save feature this year, timelines for the game’s debut on mobile, a gameplay demo reveal for the next major Warframe story expansion as well as a tease for the one that follows, and a showcase of new gameplay from the hotly anticipated Soulframe.

The reveals came as part of Digital Extremes’ annual celebration, TennoCon 2023. Key announcements made during the show include:

· HEIRLOOM COLLECTIONS (TODAY): to celebrate 10 years of Warframe, the team has released limited edition Heirloom Collections - distinctive, unique skins for Frost and Mag designed by Warframe’s original Art Director, Mynki, along with an entirely new class of customization, the Signa.

· WHISPERS IN THE WALLS (WINTER 2023): the beginning of an epic new narrative arc for Warframe that brings a new cinematic storyline answering questions players have had since the game’s origin.

· ABYSS OF DAGATH (OCTOBER 2023): the faceless rider Dagath, the 54th Warframe arrives as part of our Abyss of Dagath seasonal update - a new weapon, seasonal content and a suite of QoL improvements await.

· CROSS SAVE (THIS YEAR): players will be able to continue their game across any platform they want, when they want, and how they want with this paramount feature coming 2023.

· WARFRAME: 1999 (2024): a major 2024 update which will take players back to the beginning - featuring classic Warframe hack and slash action and a licensed track from Nine Inch Nails - discover who Arthur is in Excalibur’s suit and more at next year’s TennoCon.

· WARFRAME MOBILE (2024): the same high-quality experience console and PC players have been known to expect comes to mobile in 2024. Mobile iOS preorders will be live today.

· SOULFRAME (TBA): TennoLive saw an extended gameplay walkthrough by the Soulframe team showcasing the game’s combat system and lore. A VOD capture of that segment is intended to be made available later today.

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