Jackbox Party Pack 10 gets a new series of trailers

Party people of the world, unite!

29 August 2023
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The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is coming to Switch sometime in October 2023. The 10th Party Pack is a huge milestone for Jackbox Games and the team is excited for players to be able to enjoy this new pack of party games in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Today, Jackbox has shared fresh trailers for all the games included in the 10th Party Pack, and you can check them out below.

Tee K.O 2 (3-8 players): A Jackbox Games fan-favorite returns to the ring with a new cast of characters, fresh drawing tools, brand-new styles and a new Final Round! In Tee K.O 2, players head to Tee Shirt Island to create clothing designs and witty slogans. Each design and slogan are assigned to other players, who then race to assemble the funniest clothing item - now including sweaters, tank tops and hoodies! Final designs battle it out in a series of one-on-one group votes where the player with the knockout garment racks up points. The new Final Round decides who taps out and who emerges the grand champion of Tee Shirt Island!

FixyText (3-8 players): Essentially chaos in the group chat, FixyText throws players into one text box to come up with a crazy response to an over-the-top message in limited time. The player whose words create the biggest waves, lands the biggest laughs and gets the most votes, wins!

Hypnotorious (4-8 players): Prepare to be mesmerized in Hypnotorious, the deduction game where players are hypnotized into a new persona (falling into one of 3 categories) and must decipher each other’s identities. Players take part in a virtual stage show and answer questions in character, carefully keeping their persona a secret from the others. Once questions are answered, players will try to group up based on perceived similarities. Those that group up accurately score a lot of points! But beware because one player, The Outlier, does not fit in at all, so if you want to score big points you’ll need to identify them before it’s too late. The kicker is, The Outlier doesn’t know they’re The Outlier, so they’ll be trying to figure it out like everyone else!

Timejinx (1-8 players): In Timejinx, players assume the role of a time traveler who meets up with their ragtag group of friends for trivia night at the residence of our acerbic host, Jerri Rigg. Throughout the course of the wild night, players are given a series of multiple-choice questions where they must guess the dates of various historical events. Correct answers earn the fewest points, and the player with the lowest score wins!

DoDo Re Mi: Your phone is your instrument in DoDo Re Mi, the first-ever rhythm game from Jackbox Games! Players play as a flock of birds who must band together and make music to feed the hungry jungle plant and avoid being eaten by said plant. Containing both original songs and familiar music played in unexpected genres, each player will select an instrument to play, controlled through their phone, and be able to hear their bandmates’ instruments as they collaborate in real-time.

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