Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!

Well, we’ve officially gotten back to the old-style GoNintendo Podcast. There was an insane amount to talk about this week, both news-wise and stupid-wise, so we ended up with a super-sized show! From serious to silly and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered!

00:00:00 Theme Music

00:00:33 Introduction

00:00:48 Cat Butt Talk

00:01:24 Pokémon Desc

00:02:34 Pod Crew Hellos False Start

00:02:38 Dot Com Jingle Origins

00:03:02 Discord Greetings

00:04:51 Pod Crew Hellos

00:05:47 Great Job Listener Znbashi

00:08:09 Krazy Kernal Troubles

00:10:56 Seasonal Food Stuff

00:12:32 Nic Cage/Movie Detour

00:20:52 “Weird” Semantics

00:22:48 News Start, Nintendo Contractor Union Buster Accusations

00:27:23 Other Nintendo Contractor Complaints

00:31:43 Joy Con Repair Contractor Complaints

00:38:05 Nintendo: “What’s a bounty hunter?”

00:46:44 Streets of Rage Movie

00:58:54 GBA for Switch Possible Leak

01:05:38 Kirby Tetris 99 Theme

01:06:20 Xenoblade Chron. 3 Early Release

01:08:25 Commercial Break

01:10:26 N64 Transfer Pak Testing for NSO?

01:13:37 Sonic Origins Release

01:18:59 TMNT Release Date

01:21:56 NSO NES Rumored Games

01:24:45 Former Nintendo Art Director wants Star Fox Zero Port

01:30:24 NA eShop releases

01:34:52 Nicky Hill’s Sweet Releases

01:39:51 insert cat head bobbing gif

01:40:57 Lego Star Wars Sales

01:43:29 Capcom Forecast Looking Good

01:44:54 NSO Genesis Games

01:47:39 Splatoon 2 Profanity

01:56:09 Splatoon 3 Release Date

01:59:23 Nintendo most successful Japanese Publisher

02:02:10 SNES Classic best selling alt console in UK

02:03:43 Watcha playing

02:36:49 Listener Question

02:40:55 Patreon Question

02:50:51 Music Section

03:00:43 Deux’s Rumor Mill (but it’s actually true)

03:03:18 Goodbye!

03:03:28 Aftershow

Thanks to Gybones for putting together this week’s timestamps!

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Comments (6)


2y ago

Im watching it right now, evangelion is my favorite show of all time. Glad you all love it, radiohead and nintendo too, we are soul buddies.


2y ago


Oh man, we could probably bs for hours!


2y ago

I rarely have the opportunity to listen live so seeing the artwork before listening is always fun. Great work Kernal.


2y ago

Hopefully RMC or someone who can do something will see this comment. Last week there was an issue with the artwork for the episode. Krazy Kernal explained what happened. And I can see a new artwork was added. Except, you can see it as a thumbnail for the episode.

But if you click the story, it only shows the original artwork.

I don't know, is that intentional? I'm just thinking as time goes on, and people don't see the thumbnail, they won't see the intended new artwork.


2y ago


Just went in and fixed things up.


2y ago


Thank you RMC. 👍 It's not easy being Keviin, as Kermit would say. 😉